The year of the horse is off and running-- and we have some new classes at the studio to help you grab the reigns and bring your new year into focus.  The first of these new classes begins TONIGHT at 6 pm with Tracy.  She will lead the first of our Group Energy Sessions, which will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the studio from 6-7:30.  Mandy will be leading sessions on Thursday evenings.  These group Energy classes are the perfect way to decompress after a long day, release patterns of tension and holding, and commune energetically with your bodymechanics community.  Classes are $25 to drop in.  Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a journal.

If you haven't met Angi yet, you're missing out!!  She's the newest addition to the bodymechanics team-- and she is a firecracker!  Angi comes to us from NYC, where she developed her own movement method called MYMA.  Check out her website by clicking here.  Angi's MYMA and Bamboo Bodies Combo class kicked off last Wednesday from 12:30-1:45.  This class combines principles of Chinese medicine with fitness.  Angi developed this class to help increase awareness in all levels of the body.  The class combines strengthening, stretching, and gentle massage work to help improve posture and overall physical wellness. And it's a great workout!  

You can register for either of these classes by clicking here and logging into your account-- or just drop in! I hope this finds you all well and ready to jump into the many new things the year of the horse has to offer.  Stay tuned for more new classes and offerings as we continue to gallop forward into 2014.