Private Sessions

A Private Session at Body Mechanics is catered to the individual client and focuses upon meeting his or her specific needs, whether those needs be rehabilitative or fitness oriented.  Each practitioner at Body Mechanics has his or her own movement style and focus, many of which are informed by the Pilates method.  We use Pilates based principals and Pilates equipment in combination with many other movement modalities and practices to allow each client to find his or her own connection.  

Duet Sessions

A Duet Session satisfies an individual's need for focused attention, while also keeping the cost lower than a private session.  Duet sessions are also catered to individual needs, although often not quite as specifically as a private session can be.  Duet sessions are designed for two clients to work with one instructor at the same time. Some Pilates experience is recommended, though not required to take a semi-private session.  We recommend that you at least take the "Intro to Pilates" series of three sessions before moving into semi-privates.  You can come with your own partner, or ask us to find a suitable partner for you.  

Trio Session

A Trio Session is perfect for advanced Pilates students or Pilates trainers who are interested in “creating their own class” at a specific time. If you are interested in a trio you must bring your own partners. Trio sessions will accommodate the needs of all individuals present as much as possible.

Independent Workout

Independent Workouts are for the experienced Pilates client who is looking to get in more machine time during the week, without having to take another private session or group class. You must be familiar with all of the Pilates equipment and have taken at least one prior private session at the studio. Instructor approval is required. 

Mat Classes

Mat Classes are a great way to deepen your connection to your body-- and gain a wealth of exercises that you can take with you anywhere.  There is much focus on breath and alignment as well as core stabilization and strengthening.  Classes are small and catered to the needs of the individuals in attendance, and may use small props such as magic circles, foam rollers, and small balls.  Mats are provided.

Equipment & Reformer Classes

Equipment / Reformer Classes build upon the Pilates mat work and expand it-- using the Pilates machines to help assist and resist movements.  Reformer classes will take place exclusively on the reformer.  Mixed Equipment classes will utilize the reformer, wunda chair, springboard, bosu and other small props.  In addition to building strength and length, all students will also develop a familiarity with all of the Pilates equipment.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise method designed to work the whole body efficiently while achieving balance. It brings awareness and consciousness to the mind and body. The movements are focused and deliberate towards a specific goal and require great concentration. Integration of proper alignment, body positioning and focused breathing throughout promote a strong development of the core abdominal and back muscles. It is easily adaptable and can accommodate people of all fitness levels and ages. It is an extremely successful rehabilitative method as well as a healthy workout. Pilates conditions the entire body, re-patterning muscle imbalances and restoring ease of motion.

The Pilates method was created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates who began developing his method of exercise then called "Contrology" during his internment in World War One. He attached springs to hospital beds enabling bed ridden patients to exercise using resistance. This became the inspiration for the later development of his machines.

In the late 1920's he emigrated to the United States and set up a fitness studio in the same building as the NYC Ballet, beginning the love affair between dancers and the Pilates method. "Joe" continued to teach until his death in the late sixties at the age of eighty seven. His method continues to grow and expand.


To find out more about Joseph Pilates, the Pilates Method and the Pilates equipment used at Body Mechanics visit pilates.com.