Fall is absolutely upon us-- without the usual warning signs, Portland has become the watery wonderland we all know and begrudgingly love.  And those breaks when the sun shines and the clouds part to show the brilliant blue of the sky make every single rain drop worth it. The trees seem to be making quick costume changes this Autumn-- going from the brilliant greens of summer to the blazing yellows, oranges and crimsons of Fall overnight.   

At Body Mechanics we have several Autumnal announcements, the first of which is our new website-- which I have been working hard on for the last several weeks.  Please check it out at this link, and let us know what you think!  www.pilatespdx.com 


Secondly, thanks to our beautiful new Jumpboards, we started a new group equipment class on Mondays at 11 am, Pilates Jumpboard Class.   The Jumpboard is a wooden board that attaches to the end of the reformer and allows you to "jump" while lying horizontally on the reformer. This class will be a strenuous cardiovascular workout as well as incredibly demanding for your legs and core muscles. It's the perfect solution for those who dread "cardio" and love Pilates. And it's so much fun-- you can almost forget how hard you're working!  This class is recommended for those with at least some Pilates experience who are moderately physically active.  You can reserve a spot in the class by going to our new website or clicking HERE.


Additionally, this Fall brings new options to the studio in terms of movement modalities. In the summer Jay Twitchell taught a Tai Chi workshop at Body Mechanics.  It was so well received that he is now offering private and semi-private Tai Chi sessions at the studio. For those of you who have not already had the pleasure of taking a Tai Chi class, private or semi-private session with Jay-- it is a worthwhile investment.  A session with him offers a unique perspective on movement and posture which beautifully compliments the fundamentals which most of you are already fluent in from your Pilates training.  His sessions allow you to tap into a larger support and grounding and help solidify the connection to the core that Pilates emphasizes.  


And lastly, as many of you already know, Carrie is embarking on a new adventure at the end of this month-- and will no longer be a permanent fixture at Body Mechanics.  She will be making a new home for herself in Santa Cruz, California.  Of course she will always have a home here-- and she will be returning every few months to visit and see clients-- but it is a large shift in the Body Mechanics community.  I want to acknowledge the beautiful, graceful presence that she has brought to the space from the very beginning.  Carrie was the first practitioner who came into the space besides myself, and she has been hugely instrumental in helping to grow our little studio into the thriving, healing community that it is today.  It has been a privilege to work alongside her and witness her personal and professional growth in the last five years.  Her regular presence in the studio will be greatly missed-- but we are all so happy to support her on the new path that she is carving out for herself.  

I hope this finds you all well as you descend into the thoughtful, insightful place that Autumn inspires.  We hope to see you all soon at the studio.