Here's what some of our clients are saying:


"Mandy is magic."  --D.B.


“Careful instruction, designed to strengthen without injury.” --L.K.


"Adriana's Flow and Stretch is the only exercise class I don’t ever dread!  The movements we do are actually enjoyable and feel good. And when the class is over I feel 'open' and more at home in my body.  Her instructions are calming and gentle.  I’d recommend it for anyone who may be starting to feel the effects of aging, and prefers not to do strenuous exercise." --B.K.


"I started working with Mandy as I was beginning the process of IVF. Approaching the edges of IVF I noticed that I had a lot of fear as well as a lot of negative images about the dis-workings of my body internalized both from the fertility industry as well as natural healers. My first session with her and that reversed 180 as she took me instead to the frontiers of my own power and showed me the beauty and perfect functioning of my body. Subsequent sessions went to deeper, older self-limiting ideas and energetic agreements to gently tease them out and begin to release them. I can't imagine going through this process of IVF without her. Not only did she help me prepare my body and heart/mind for what was to come, I feel she is helping to re-pattern me so that I can move towards my greatest goals with love and self compassion. Because of this my partner and I were able to re-frame this process and make it our own, to take it from feeling alienating and invasive to sacred and connective, and to learn to trust in it on our own terms knowing that it would be a period of growth for us no matter what the outcome. I believe I would have worked with Mandy eventually but I'm thankful for the events in my life that brought me to her now. The work she does is rare and palpable. She is a gift. " --K.C.


“I have been attending prenatal classes with Kerri and am very pleased with the individual attention I receive at each session. She tailors each session to our needs and is very attentive about where we are at in our pregnancies.” --J.L.


“I loved Kerri’s prenatal Pilates classes, which are what initially attracted me to the studio. She is very knowledgeable and has a keen ability to tailor the workouts to clients needs. The postnatal mama and baby Pilates mat classes are an excellent way to get back into shape and gives me more incentive as a new mom to get out for a workout because I can take my nursing infant.”  --J.L.


"I started taking the postpartum Pilates class at Body Mechanics five weeks after I gave birth to my daughter. It was so great to move and strengthen my body and know that I was doing it safely. The teachers are so knowledgeable and caring. They welcome babies in the class too which makes it extra exciting and cute!" --T.P.


"My baby takes a nice long nap after this class (Mom and Baby Pilates Mat). It's glorious. A class that not only targets all the needed areas postpartum, but one that tuckers my little one out too. Could you ask for anything more!?!"


“So many amazing services in one beautiful space.” --S.P.


“I love Mandy and I love that BM space. It's such a magical healing environment.” --L.L.


“Body Mechanics is incredibly welcoming to everyone and the staff is top notch. They take the time to really assess what you need and guide you accordingly. Highly recommend them!” --L.M.


Mandy is incredibly gifted at energy healing. The rest of the staff are caring and intuitive. A very unique place.” --A.D.


“I love the attention to each person's needs. I feel like I am always being taught the right thing for my body.” --A.O.


“This is the best workout studio I've ever patronized. Comfortable & beautiful space, knowledgeable staff.” --L.C


“I have been going to Body Mechanics for about three years now. There's an immediate feeling of comfort and "surrender" upon entering the building; any stress is rendered immediately susceptible (and soon to be removed), and any scrutiny is quashed entirely. The staff, whether if I'm there to see them or not, is always personable and friendly. You can tell the owner has strived to create a space that is at once economical (or functional) and warm (or perhaps spiritual) -- and though this seems contradictory from the outset, the fusion here is clear and present. And undeniable! What I come here for is my own business -- but I will say I would not be writing this in part without my sessions here; with them, I am more open, more in-tuned, and far more capable to traverse the bumps on my own journey. This place contains a tremendous heart that is not only receptive, but beautifully expansive. In sum: It is invaluable, and I can only wish everyone here the best of fortune.” --S.S


"I have transformed the way I feel inside and outside at Body Mechanics. I've gone from being in chronic pain to racing my bike in my 40's, and it's all because of the personal attention and instruction I've received, both in Pilates and in energy sessions. Mandy is a genius."  --L.C.


"I consider Mandy to be one of my life's greatest healers.  Every single session I have with her blows me away in ways I never expect and leaves me feeling more clear, connected and in alignment with my own personal power and soul's work. She has a way of delivering the most profound cosmic information in a way that is incredibly grounded and full of practical application. Mandy's gift for intuitive healing is precious and rare and I would recommend her with flying colors to anyone seeking deep healing, new insight and profound clarity."  --F.B.


"I started working with Tracy at Body Mechanics in 2011.  After working with her for several months privately I began attending classes twice a week with Mandy in addition to my weekly private session.  I have also worked with others at the studio and can say they are all amazing.  I love the atmosphere of support and encouragement.  I am always challenged and get amazing personal attention.  The classes are small and it allows you to get great instruction and to even develop great relationships with the other attendees.  Body Mechanics has become another family to me. 

Personally my body has changed in the most amazing ways.  They have me working muscles I never even knew I had.  My core has amazing strength now which allows me to participate in my other activities at a much higher level.  When I started, stretching was very difficult for me, and I have found I now love stretching.  I have a length now I never thought I could have.  Most importantly, I have gained amazing confidence in my own potential through the loving support of Tracy, Mandy, and Nobuko.  They are the best!"  --L.P.


"Transformation. From the moment I lay down on Mandy's table for energy work, I entered into a whole new phase of my life. It began with tremendous release, and tremendous relief. I mostly kept my eyes shut, so I could focus on what was going on in my body (and a LOT was going on, moving through, moving out), but every once in a while I would look up at Mandy, and what I saw was an angel. I had the extraordinary experience of not being bound up by pain for the first time in a couple of months. Mandy gently guided me towards what we all should know deeply: we are perfect just the way we are. Everything happens at the right time. There is abundant love for us, and we are a source of abundant love.  Over time, our sessions began to morph into movement, and I began to connect to my body again and to find pain-free movement. Mandy suggested I see Tracy as well, and I gained even more insight, even more freedom of movement. Eventually I was taking mat classes and mixed equipment classes, marveling that I was once again strong and whole. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't find Body Mechanics. But the beautiful thing is that I did find them, and now you have!"   --M.T. 


"A beautiful studio with beautiful people! I have enjoyed all the classes I have taken here, whether they are private, semi private, or part of the regular schedule. The instructors are warm, knowledgeable and friendly, and the classes are engaging, fun, and as challenging as you want them to be. At Body Mechanics everyone has gone out of their way to create a community where you can learn and grow within a fully supported environment. I highly recommend you give one of their classes or energy sessions a try!"  --K.S.


"Mandy does ‘Pilates from within’. She really helps you connect with your body and inner sense and do the Pilates exercises from that place of inner connection. This makes it more than just a great workout. When I leave a Pilates class with Mandy, I both feel toned and rejuvenated! She is extremely intuitive and does amazing bodywork one-on-one, and I have a totally different connection to my body and core strength thanks to the work she has done with me. Her style is very light and non-judgmental and accepting of where you are at which really helps in pushing the boundaries without actually feeling like you are ‘pushing.'"  --N.E.


 "Mandy's quiet and gentle sensitivity to me and support of my need to breathe better and keep a non-athletic body strong have sustained me  during five years of treatment for a lung cancer, and given me gifts beyond measure. I'm 74.  P.S.  She is marvelously organized!"  --C.W.


"I absolutely love Body Mechanics! It's a gorgeous space filled with friendly people. I've been seeing Mandy Cregan regularly for over a year now. Sometimes we do Pilates, sometimes energy work, most of the times both.  She always knows exactly what my body (and mind) need. She's extremely gifted in what she does and a sweet and caring person to be around. My life has changed for the better thanks to body mechanics." --N.C.


"I began working with Mandy at Body Mechanics at a time of big transitions in my life.  I was the beneficiary of great good fortune, as I selected her studio mostly based on its location.   My intention was simply to work one-on-one, with the Pilates equipment, in order to strengthen my body.   As it turned out, I discovered that what I'd really come for -- without consciously realizing it -- was a deeper healing. As Mandy and I worked together, I began to open to her incredible ability to work with my body at an energetic level.   I'd never sought this kind of thing and, honestly, had always been fairly skeptical.   But as I began to experience this work personally, I was amazed to find that it was meeting needs far more important to me than simply strengthening my muscles.  I'm truly grateful for Mandy's insight, awareness, and intelligence." --K.S.


"Over the past five years I have had the privilege of working with four different practitioners at Body Mechanics: Mandy, Colleen, Jay and Carrie.  Their services included massage, tai chi, energy work, as well as group, semi-private, and private sessions for Pilates.  All of the practitioners exhibit an amazing depth of knowledge in their areas of expertise.  But it's not just their knowledge that keeps me coming back.  It's their heart and soul that makes me a returning client.  All genuinely care about my well being and work with me to become healthy and strong." --L.F.


"Each of the practitioners at Body Mechanics is gifted in the broadest sense of the word---intuitive, kind, interested in you, dedicated, skilled, and just all-around nice.  Group classes as well as private sessions are geared around each client, and so sessions and classes are never cookie-cutter-one-size-fits all.  Nor are the clients, who range in age from teenagers to 80's. This is the place to come if you're looking for acceptance, good conversation and good workouts, and strengthening both physically and mentally.  I leave Body Mechanics feeling better than when I went in, balanced inside and out, and get compliments on my posture and tone." --A.B.


 "Five years ago I walked in the door at Body Mechanics looking to tighten up my abs and get better muscle tone. I had chronic headaches and back pain but just accepted those as part of the life that I had to lead. After about six months of working with my body, Mandy started me on an incredible voyage of discovery that continues to this day. She slowly introduced to me possibilities of how I could live within my body, and how I could walk through life differently. This journey has continued with incredible support from Tracy and Nobuko. I feel like I have a team of supporters who know my life and my physical challenges and work to move me forward with love and care.  I used to have 2 or 3 headaches a week – now I’m down to 1 or 2 a month. I accept the fact that I express my tension and anxiety through headaches but I now have tools to express that tension in other ways that are way less physically debilitating. I talk things through, I write, I yell in my car at the world. This is all part of the wonderful world of Pilates as practiced at Body Mechanics. I highly recommend the team at Body Mechanics – they changed my life."   --M.S.


"I have been coming to Body Mechanics for almost five years now.  I began with mat classes and quickly moved to Pilates private sessions with Mandy.  I had a stroke almost seven years ago, and I found both Pilates in general and Mandy in particular extremely good at rebuilding my functionality.  I am now in better condition than I was before my stroke.  I have great core strength, I can squat much deeper, and I can do headstands!  These things are all the more impressive when I consider that I used to be afraid to do side stretches on the ball.  Mandy combines a deep knowledge of Pilates with work in clearing energy, and, perhaps most importantly listening to what I say as well as what I don't say.  I heartily recommend Mandy, Pilates, and Body Mechanics, as well as all of the other staff who I have worked with from time to time."  --C.E.


"I requested a flower essence from Mandy when leading up to a large performance where I had to wear many hats, and also stay very present and in my body.  Telling her only my current state she devised an essence unique to me. It has the immediate effect of grounding me, while helping  me feel the increased pulse of energy available to me. I felt both calm and alert, and deeply touched by a sense of well-being." --T.B.


"I have prior experiences and found Jay to be one of the best teachers I have found yet... His LMT background integrated into his classes is invaluable in learning tai chi from a deep, visceral place!" --K.J. 


kind words from our class Pass clients:

"Loved this class! I forgot how much I love Pilates! Blane was fabulous and the space, amazing!!"


"Kerri was a great guide through this class. It's not a sweat your tail off class, it's a toning and strengthening class with some balance worked in. Great hip work series today!! Offered lots of modifications and some adjustments."


"Only 3 people were in this class so you got a lot of hands-on teaching from Kerri which was great! My form isn't always the best but she helped me through a lot! It focused mainly on core, hips, inner/outer thighs and glutes. I was shaking a ton with little movements!"


"Adriana was very mindful of my lower back pain and helped position me to avoid aggravating it. I plan on going back."


"Adriana's class is gentle and powerful at the same time. She is awesome."


"Tracy is a gifted teacher. A great class (Mind Body Mat) to begin the weekend. Grounding and centering with some good stretching."


"Super clean and beautiful studio. Tracy is a very thorough and hands-on instructor. Really enjoyed the class."


"Mandy teaches from the heart & soul, and years of experience. She's a truly excellent observer & has a genuine supportive approach to Pilates."


"Mandy rocks as an instructor! Very observant which provides thoughtful & accurate adjustments. Plus she's extremely positive & supportive."


"Beautiful facility. I appreciated Mandy's attention to me since it was my first time working with the equipment. Very supportive environment. I felt great after the class."


"Mandy gave great corrections that were very personalized and made big differences in what I gained from the exercises."


"Amazing! Mandy was so encouraging and really structured the class towards each individual. It was my first time and she called me by name. The core workout was intense and focused. The stretching was such a relief. I'd go again!"


"This was a great Pilates class, and I felt like Mandy was really tuned in to what the people in the class needed. She was super encouraging and the studio felt welcoming and comfortable."


"Mandy was kind and very helpful during the workout. She also has great relationships with the clients that come in. She adapts the workout based on the needs of those working out, so if you're feeling like you need a certain stretch or workout, let her know! I had a fun time and would definitely go again!"


"Mandy is excellent at challenging you while encouraging and affirming that you can do it! My abs are so sore today in the best, most ergonomically appropriate way."


"Nice, relaxing Sunday morning class. Really enjoyed having the garage door open and fresh air in the studio!"