Jay Twitchell

Personal Trainer, MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTOR & LMT #20149

photo by Debbie Baxter

photo by Debbie Baxter

As the resident black belt massage therapist and personal trainer, Jay’s Internal Dynamic sessions provide a grounded approach to releasing and relieving soft tissue pain while integrating exercises and techniques from martial arts to strengthen and coordinate the body.  Bruised in a number of martial disciplines, Jay now focuses on teaching techniques from Tai Chi and other internal art. Each session is designed to help clients create a deeper awareness and connection to their bodies.

Jay has over 25-years of experience working as a  massage therapist and instructor of advanced medical massage procedures. He has worked extensively with patients suffering from carpal tunnel, TMJ, migraines, and low back pain. His dynamic knowledge of kinesiology and ergonomics allow him to provide a well rounded therapy that both calms and galvanizes the body.

Jay is fascinated by personal narratives and how they inform client perceptions of the world and themselves. Providing visualization, free association, and martial meditation exercises, he prepares clients to navigate the internal dialogues of self that inform our belief systems and behavior.

To learn more about Jay check him out at www.jaytwitchell.com. To schedule a session with Jay you may contact him directly at 971-325-7055 or e-mail him at jay.twitchell@gmail.com.