Center Your Power - Workshop for Young Women ages 12-16

July 16th to 20th

1 pm to 2:30 pm monday through friday 

Instructor: Mandy Cregan

Cost: $135 (includes small Pilates ball, notebook and tank top)

This Summer workshop for young women ages 12 to 16 focuses on fostering and strengthening a connection to the power center (manipura). Girls will learn Pilates exercises to help strengthen their core muscles as well as utilize visualization and meditation to bring a deeper awareness and connection to their bodies. We will focus on intention setting at the beginning of each session and reflection at the end of each day. Each girl will get a notebook, small Pilates ball and tank top to take with them and will have a complete home program as well as a new body awareness by the end of the week. 

Feel free to contact the studio with any additional questions: (503)234-7567 or