“Careful instruction, designed to strengthen without injury.” --Lynn K.

"Adriana's Flow and Stretch is the only exercise class I don’t ever dread!  The movements we do are actually enjoyable and feel                  good. And when the class is over I feel 'open' and more at home in my body.  Her instructions are calming and gentle.  I’d                            recommend it for anyone who may be starting to feel the effects of aging, and prefers not to do strenuous exercise." --Becky K.

"I started working with Mandy as I was beginning the process of IVF. Approaching the edges of IVF I noticed that I had a lot of fear            as well as a lot of negative images about the dis-workings of my body internalized both from the fertility industry as well as natural              healers. My first session with her and that reversed 180 as she took me instead to the frontiers of my own power and showed me              the beauty and perfect functioning of my body. Subsequent sessions went to deeper, older self-limiting ideas and energetic                          agreements to gently tease them out and begin to release them. I can't imagine going through this process of IVF without her. Not                only did she help me prepare my body and heart/mind for what was to come, I feel she is helping to re-pattern me so that I can                  move towards my greatest goals with love and self compassion. Because of this my partner and I were able to re-frame this process            and make it our own, to take it from feeling alienating and invasive to sacred and connective, and to learn to trust in it on our own              terms knowing that it would be a period of growth for us no matter what the outcome. I believe I would have worked with Mandy eventually but I'm thankful for the events in my life that brought me to her now. The work she does is rare and palpable. She is a gift. " --Krista C.

“I have been attending prenatal classes with Kerri and am very pleased with the individual attention I receive at each session. She              tailors each session to our needs and is very attentive about where we are at in our pregnancies.” --Joanna L.

“I loved Kerri’s prenatal Pilates classes, which are what initially attracted me to the studio. She is very knowledgeable and has a                keen ability to tailor the workouts to clients needs. The postnatal mama and baby Pilates mat classes are an excellent way to get                  back into shape and gives me more incentive as a new mom to get out for a workout because I can take my nursing infant.”                         --Joanna L.

"I started taking the postpartum Pilates class at Body Mechanics five weeks after I gave birth to my daughter. It was so great to move          and strengthen my body and know that I was doing it safely. The teachers are so knowledgeable and caring. They welcome babies            in the class too which makes it extra exciting and cute!" --Tia P.

“So many amazing services in one beautiful space.” --Sara P.

“I love Mandy and I love that BM space. It's such a magical healing environment.” --Lynzee L.

“Body Mechanics is incredibly welcoming to everyone and the staff is top notch. They take the time to really assess what you need              and guide you accordingly. Highly recommend them!” --Lia M.

“Mandy is incredibly gifted at energy healing. The rest of the staff are caring and intuitive. A very unique place.” --Abby D.

“I love the attention to each person's needs. I feel like I am always being taught the right thing for my body.” --Alexis O.

“This is the best workout studio I've ever patronized. Comfortable & beautiful space, knowledgeable staff.” --Leslie C

“I have been going to Body Mechanics for about three years now. There's an immediate feeling of comfort and "surrender" upon                entering the building; any stress is rendered immediately susceptible (and soon to be removed), and any scrutiny is quashed entirely.          The staff, whether if I'm there to see them or not, is always personable and friendly. You can tell the owner has strived to create a                space that is at once economical (or functional) and warm (or perhaps spiritual) -- and though this seems contradictory from the                  outset, the fusion here is clear and present. And undeniable! What I come here is my own business -- but I will say I would not be                writing this in part without my sessions here; with them, I am more open, more in-tuned, and far more capable to traverse the bumps            on my own journey. This place contains a tremendous heart that is not only receptive, but beautifully expansive. In sum: It is                          invaluable, and I can only wish everyone here the best of fortune.” --Scott S