Internal Dynamics Sessions


Private Sessions

Semi-Private Sessions

Internal Dynamics sessions with Jay offer clients an engaging physical meditation that builds strength and balance. Focused on posture and breath, sessions seek to create dynamic relaxation during standing and stepping exercises.  Following a goal of precise control, learn to use the minimum amount of force necessary to achieve your physical, emotional, and psychological goals.    

Internal Dynamics focuses on the vertical body absorbing and expressing force. Lessons begin with breath, alignment, and control of momentum.  Exercises are drawn from martial arts systems Jay has studied (including Tai Chi, Xing Yi, and Ba Gua) combined with his knowledge of anatomy from his experience and training as a massage therapist for over two decades. Exercises are designed to improve balance and decrease impact of the everyday life.  Level of intensity for training varies from light-partnering drills focusing on full body coordination to full contact training for self-defense.

Ultimately the sessions will teach how to reduce conflict, both physically and mentally.  Learning to absorb, turn and redirect the forces encountered in life-- whether they be our own ego, gravity, or the unexpected-- learn the skills that transform challenges into opportunities.