Embodied Integration

what is embodied integration?

Embodied Integration is a methodology developed by Mandy Cregan which utilizes your body’s innate wisdom for healing and regeneration. In a session you will be asked to connect with your physical, emotional, and energetic inner landscapes. In acknowledging what exists within your body’s inner landscape you allow for the possibility of it to shift. Your body is a road map of your life. All of your experiences, traumatic or otherwise are stored within your cells, unless they are consciously unlocked and released. When trauma is stored within our tissues it becomes a magnet or sticking point for other trauma. As our bodies age or when particular stress is present these “sticking points” can cause disease or degeneration. Embodied Integration seeks to identify those sticking points and shift the underlying energetic patterns that created them. Each session is an active exploration of the physical and energetic structures that make you you.

Embodied Integration can be experienced in different ways: through Movement Sessions that exist within the larger studio space, Energy Healing sessions that take place within a smaller treatment room, Physical Trauma Treatment sessions that are also in the larger studio setting are shorter in duration and deal with a specific trauma or injury or Space Clearing Sessions that take place within your home or work environment.

movement sessions

Embodied Integration Movement Sessions are 55 to 60 minutes long, take place within the studio space at bodymechanics and may utilize the Pilates equipment as needed. There is a hands on element to these sessions as well as movement therapies to help you find a deeper connection to the underlying patterns within your physical structure. They will focus on connecting to the existing physical and energetic patterns within your body and unwinding those patterns as well as creating new energetic and muscular patterns using movement, breath and centered focus. The movements utilized will vary but many are Pilates based and thematically work with helping release tension from muscles and fascia, while retraining muscles to support your structure as opposed to trying to be your structure.

energy Healing sessions

Embodied Integration Energy Healing Sessions are 60 to 75 minutes long for established clients and two hours for new clients. They take place in a smaller treatment room and generally are not physically active. Within the smaller, safer container we are able to delve more deeply into underlying energetic and emotional patterns and help them to shift while offering deep energetic support. Each session is its own co-creative journey-- many times not resembling a session that has come before or one that will follow. This work is not limited by space, so sessions can take place in person or via phone. Allow yourself enough time and space after a scheduled energy session, particularly after your first session. Sometimes a session may leave you feeling exhausted and needing to rest. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself and take it easy.

Energy work can help address the root of physical or emotional pain by helping to unwind the energetic patterns underneath stored tension while also allowing new patterns to emerge. It is a deeply nurturing, healing and co-creative experience between practitioner and client. What makes energy work so profoundly effective is it addresses imbalance at the level of vibration.  All matter is energy.  We are all, at the core of our being, simply vibration. When addressing disease or pain, if we address it and affect change at a vibrational level, we can have a profound effect.   Energy work can help with a myriad of ailments, from chronic pain to physical trauma as a result of injury or accident.  It can also help with emotional or psychological issues.

Physical trauma treatment

Physical Trauma Treatment sessions are 30 minutes long and take place within the larger bodymechanics studio space. These sessions are focused on acute physical injury and deal specifically with moving physical trauma out of the body and helping the body to heal quickly. This work can be very helpful for athletes and people who are physically demanding on their bodies to help maintain a high level of performance.

Energetic space clearing

Energetic Space Clearings last three to four hours and take place in your home or business. The space that surrounds us that we call our own is an extension of ourselves and it reflects our own energetic patterns on a larger scale. Just as our bodies hold tension and have places that are energetically stagnant, so too does space. Space holds traumas that have occurred within it, as well as energetic patterns of all current and previous occupants (unless those patterns have been cleared). An energetic space clearing is a deep cleansing of a space, so is like a personal healing session magnified. It can help align you and your space and create and align new energetic patterns for maximum support in personal transformation.

energetic mentoring

Energetic Mentoring sessions are for the energetically sensitive individual who is ready to hone his or her own skills at moving energy and facilitating the movement of energy in others. Sessions are two hours long and will involve talking about the healing practice, learning to create and hold a safe container for yourself and others, energetic exercises and personal energy healing work.


If you'd like to talk to Mandy before scheduling a session, she is happy to make herself available for a brief consultation over the phone. Feel free to email her at mandy@pilatespdx.com or call the studio at 503-234-7567.