Shelly Stephenson

PMA ® - Certified Pilates INstructor, BCSI & LMT #15516

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Shelly began her study of Pilates in 1989 with Marie José Blom-Lawrence and became a Certified Pilates Instructor through the PhysicalMind Institute in 1997.

Before opening Bodies in Balance (1998-2010), Shelly spent two years teaching Pilates-based rehabilitative exercises to patients at a physical therapy clinic. Her experience includes athletic conditioning and rehabilitation with post-operative and fibromyalgia patients, people with obesity, and osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. She has also worked with ballet and modern dancers, and was the Pilates teacher for the artists of Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo in Portland.

A Pilates teacher trainer since 2001, she offers Pilates teacher certification, continuing education, and Anatomy in 3 Dimensions as a faculty member of Balanced Body University.

After much inquiry and research into a modality that would best complement her therapeutic Pilates work, in 2006 Shelly began her training in Anatomy Trains and KMI with Thomas Myers and KMI faculty. Offering Structural Integration along with her Pilates practice provides an effective blend of structural and kinesthetic support to her clients.

Shelly’s ongoing dedication is to helping her clients restore alignment and range of motion, increase the body’s adaptability and joint function, and to assist other movement educators in their ongoing discovery of the human body’s form and function.