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private sessions

Prenatal and postpartum Private Pilates Sessions at bodymechanics are an amazing gift for your body as it transitions through pregnancy and beyond. Private sessions are catered to your individual needs and can focus on preparing your body for birth, as well as helping you to gently and effectively re-enter your body after the trauma of labor and delivery facilitating an easier transition. You may combine private sessions with classes as well so that you get the individual time you need for yourself, as well as the time with your baby and community of new moms. 


Mom and Baby & Prenatal/postpartum Mat Classes


Mom and Baby Mat Classes are a great way to begin to re-enter your body after moving through the process of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as join a community of other new moms moving through the same process. You are welcome to come to classes as soon as your body is feeling ready, generally at least 3 weeks post-partum. You are welcome to attend mom and baby classes until your baby is crawling.

Classes are gentle and effective, and address the diverse needs of a postpartum body. Special focus is given to handling the healing of diastasis recti, if it is present, as well as re-awakening your deeper abdominal and pelvic floor muscles after their journey through childbirth. Special consideration will be given to the specific needs of those in attendance. Classes foster community and connection.

"I started taking the postpartum Pilates class at Body Mechanics five weeks after I gave birth to my daughter. It was so great to move and strengthen my body and know that I was doing it safely. The teachers are so knowledgeable and caring. They welcome babies in the class too which makes it extra exciting and cute!" -- T.P.


Embodied Integration

Energy Healing Sessions

Energy work is a palpable way to make a deeper connection to your body as you move through the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and the great beyond of post-partum recovery and motherhood. Mandy has worked in a healing capacity with women in all stages of pregnancy and motherhood. She is passionate about supporting women through their journey into motherhood and beyond.

"I started working with Mandy as I was beginning the process of IVF. Approaching the edges of IVF I noticed that I had a lot of fear as well as a lot of negative images about the dis-workings of my body internalized both from the fertility industry as well as natural healers. My first session with her and that reversed 180 as she took me instead to the frontiers of my own power and showed me the beauty and perfect functioning of my body. Subsequent sessions went to deeper, older self-limiting ideas and energetic agreements to gently tease them out and begin to release them. I can't imagine going through this process of IVF without her. Not only did she help me prepare my body and heart/mind for what was to come, I feel she is helping to re-pattern me so that I can move towards my greatest goals with love and self compassion. Because of this my partner and I were able to re-frame this process and make it our own, to take it from feeling alienating and invasive to sacred and connective, and to learn to trust in it on our own terms knowing that it would be a period of growth for us no matter what the outcome.
I believe I would have worked with Mandy eventually but I'm thankful for the events in my life that brought me to her now. The work she does is rare and palpable. She is a gift. " --K.C.


Prenatal and Postpartum Chiropractic Care



Over her time in practice, Dr. Molly has specialized in pregnancy chiropractic, along with postpartum care. Pregnancy is a time when women start to reevaluate how they manage their bodies. Her treatments are a gentle, safe, and effective approach to pain, discomfort, and functional issues with the changes that occur while bearing and caring for babies. Her goal is to help educate and empower women at this stage of their lives. Additionally, she is skilled in treating many types of patients and welcomes the entire family to come in for treatment.

Dr. Molly is educated in many types of bodywork and adjusting. She has specialized training in craniosacral therapy. She utilizes this light touch therapy with many patients, especially when working with infants and children. Additionally, she has trained in the Webster technique, which is a pregnant chiropractic treatment to help with breech babies.

For additional information, please see jadechiropractic.com

Infant Massage Instruction

Baby massage lessons for parents and primary caregivers With Adriana Hull

Infant massage is a wonderful way to enhance the bonding between parents or primary caregivers and their babies.
“As human beings, we thrive on touch. Healthy, nurturing touch meets a child’s need for physical contact, affection, security, stimulation and movement. Massage contains all of the elements necessary to begin the process of bonding. Providing massage for a child can help develop a unique language and communication through touch, helping the parent and child to become attuned to each other.” -Tina Allen, Founder and director of The Liddlekidz Foundation

Private sessions
-single 1 hour lesson -$65
-series of 3 lessons -$180

*-lessons include developmental information, simple routine, demonstration and practice
-series lessons and additional sessions include review and extra routines
*-classes are open to new parents and primary caregivers, as well as expectant parents. Soft dolls will be used for demonstration and practice. Only parents and primary caregivers will massage their babies. Infants are generally ready for massage after 3 weeks of age, and with a primary healthcare provider’s
 signed consent.

Adriana is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and graduate of The Cortiva Institute -Seattle School of Massage Therapy. She is a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist and Certified Infant Massage Teacher, with additional training in Infant Massage For The NICU, all through Tina Allen and The Liddlekidz Foundation. 
As both movement educator and bodyworker, Adriana brings her depth of understanding in these areas together for their synergistic effect. To learn more about these sessions, please visit the Infant Massage Training page.