Energy Work

private sessions

  • New Client Energy Session (In Studio or Via Phone) - $225 (90-120 minutes)
  • Established Client Energy Session (In Studio or Via Phone) - $180 (60-75 minutes)
  • Flower Essence Consultation - $50 (30 minutes)
  • Physical Trauma Treatment - $50 (30 minutes)

Joint Sessions

  • New Clients Joint Energy Session (In Studio or Via Phone) - $250 ($125 per person) (90-120 minutes)
  • Established Clients Joint Energy Session (In Studio or Via Phone) - $200 ($100 per person) (75-90 minutes)


  • Energetic Mentoring Session (In Studio or Via Phone) - $225 (90-120 minutes)

space clearing

  • Energetic Space Clearing (In Your Home or Office) - $450 (3-4 hours)


If you feel like you have exhausted all of your resources,  or come at something from as many different angles you can possibly imagine-- you might want to give energy work a try. An energy session with Mandy is a unique experience each time and is as unpredictable as it is enlightening. Mandy helps you identify the root of whatever is ailing you, and assists you in transforming that root into medicine.  

We are all a collection of our own unique lifetime of experiences. Our bodies, both physical and energetic, are a map of those experiences. Patterns of tension in our bodies develop naturally and energetic blocks form. Some of them have greater impact than others. As our bodies age, or when they encounter a particular kind of stress, those places of tension, or energetic blocks may become more painful or harder to ignore. 

Energy work can help address the root of physical or emotional pain by helping to unwind stored tension. It is a deeply nurturing, healing and co-creative experience between practitioner and client. What makes energy work so profoundly effective is it addresses imbalance on a vibrational level.  All matter is energy.  We are all, at the core of our being, simply vibration. When addressing disease or pain, if we address it and affect change at a vibrational level, we can have a profound effect.   Energy work can help with a myriad of ailments, from chronic pain to physical trauma as a result of injury or accident.  It can also help with emotional or psychological issues.

Energy work is not limited by space-- so a session can be done in person at the studio, or over the phone. Two hours is scheduled for a first session to allow enough time for talking beforehand and debriefing afterwards-- although all of that time may not always be necessary. Subsequent sessions will be between sixty to seventy five minutes long. Allow yourself enough space and time after a scheduled energy session, particularly after your first session. Often a session may leave you feeling exhausted and needing to rest. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself and take it easy. Re-patterning can be tiring, but is also immensely rewarding. 

Mandy offers Energetic Space Clearings for homes and businesses. Sessions last approximately three to four hours and take place in your space. Our space is an extension of ourselves-- and it reflects our own energetic patterns. Just as our bodies hold tension and have places that are stagnant, so too does space. It holds traumas that have occurred within it, as well as energetic patterns of all current and previous occupants. An energetic clearing is a deep cleaning of a space. It can help to kick your own personal transformation into gear. 

Mandy also makes personalized vibrational essences from plants. These essences help ease stress and facilitate transformation. They can be taken in combination with an Energy session, or on their own. A plant essence consultation lasts about 30 minutes and you will receive a half ounce personal plant constitutional as well as an essence profile which tells you how each plant is specifically supporting you. 

If you'd like to talk to Mandy before scheduling a session, she is happy to make herself available for a consultation over the phone. Feel free to email her at or call the studio at 503-234-7567.