Core Energetics

with tracy broyles


Private Sessions

1 Session (75 Minutes) - $105

3 Sessions - $300

What is core energetics?

Core Energetics is a form of body-centered counseling that uses the body as road-map to blocked and stored trauma and transforms our energy currents from distorted to free-flowing. As we grow, we learn to hold or release our breath, body, and awareness based on what is needed for survival. Often a movement, impulse, thought or emotion gets trapped in the physical body, over time creating discomfort, pain or illness. This work focuses on restoring us to our most authentic self.

During a session, Tracy will facilitate body-based experiences that connect you to your emotions and higher intentions, as well as where you may be blocking these things. The body does not lie, and we commit to becoming aware of what is in order to cultivate what can be. The energy system is gradually opened as we build the tools to develop and integrate all aspects of yourself, clearing the way for more vibrancy, joy and aliveness.


Sessions at bodymechanics will be focused specifically on hands on techniques that are performed in relation to the energy system while you are laying fully clothed on a massage table. Because the physical is just the densest layer of the energetic form, at times we will do techniques to release muscles or fascia and sometimes we will work directly in the auric body. Physical pain and trauma can be addressed through this method, as well as emotional clearing, psychological, and spiritual growth.


Tracy enjoys building and deepening the therapeutic relationship and encourages clients who are looking to work regularly for a period of time.

*A free 20 minute consultation is recommended.