Core Energetics

with tracy broyles


Private Sessions

1 Session (60-75 Minutes) - $105

3 Sessions - $300

What is core energetics?

CORE ENERGETICS is a form a body-centered counseling that uses the body as road-map to blocked and stored trauma and transforms our energy currents from distorted to free-flowing. In a typical session we will combine talk therapy with embodiment training and hands on healing techniques, designed to connect you to your emotions, your real and false beliefs, your blocks as well as your authentic longing and highest intentions. Meditation, abstract creative processes, visualization, movement and vocalization may all be employed in these co-created sessions. Life transitions, trauma, and aspects that seemed untouched by traditional talk therapy are some of the experiences that Core Energetics can support.

We learn to hold or release our breath, body, and awareness based on what is needed for survival. Often a movement, impulse, thought or emotion gets trapped in the physical body, over time creating discomfort, pain or illness. The body does not lie, and we commit to becoming aware of what is, to cultivate what can be. The energy system is gradually opened as we build the tools to develop and integrate all aspects of yourself, clearing the way for more vibrancy, joy and aliveness.

*A free 15 minute phone consultation with Tracy is available upon request for perspective clients.